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Next Step of JCT-VC: Scalable Extensions of HEVC

2012-12-24 SHVC Post Comment Views(9,887)

As the first phase of HEVC standard (single layer video coding standard) comes close to finalization, scalable extensions of HEVC have been under discussion since the 7th JCT-VC meeting. The final call for proposal (CfP) [1] was issued jointly by ITU-T/VCEG and ISO/IEC/MPEG in July 2012 after the 10th JCT-VC meeting, and companies and organizations are invited to submit proposals in response to this CfP.
The CfP includes two categories using HEVC and H.264/AVC as the base layer formats, respectively. In each category, the coding parameters and conditions are specified differently, such as scalability type (spatial scalability and SNR scalability), base/enhancement layer spatial resolution ratio (1.5x and 2x), and coding configuration (all intra (AI) and random access (RA)). In combination of differet coding conditions, there are in total seven sets of performance data: five for Category 1, using HEVC base layer, (AI 2x, AI 1.5x, RA 2x, RA 1.5x, and RA SNR) and two for Category 2, using[......]

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