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About us

Dr. Jie Dong and Dr. Yu Liu are the owners of H265.net. Both of them received the Ph.D. degree in Electronic Enginerring from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).  Dr. Dong is currently with InterDigital Communications, USA. Dr. Liu is currently with Qualcomm Inc., USA. Video coding is their common research interest. Dr. Dong is more interested in HD video coding and processing, and has been engaged in the standardization effort of HEVC and its extensions since 2011; Dr. Liu is more intersted in 3D video coding and HDTV post-processing, and is currently working on the HEVC-related product development. In their spare time, they keep following the research directions of the international standardization groups, such as VCEG and MPEG, and post the blogs here to share their thoughts.