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Two Loop Filters in KTA

2010-08-01 KTA 1 Comment Views(9,750)

KTA employs two concatenating loop filters: the deblocking loop filter and the adaptive loop filter.
The deblocking loop filter, inherited from H.264/AVC, alleviates the blocking artifacts caused by the block-based DCT+MCP video coding framework. It uses a bank of low-pass filters, which are adaptively applied to block boundaries according to the boundary strength (BS), and provides better visual quality and improved capability to predict other pictures.
Adaptive loop filter (ALF; click here for introduction) is placed in the MCP loop after the deblocking process, and is used to restore the degraded picture (caused by compression) such that the MSE between the reconstructed and source frames is minimized. The coefficients of ALF are calculated and transmitted on a frame basis and the minimum mean squared error (MMSE) estimator is used. For each degraded frame, ALF can be applied to the entire frame or to local areas. The former is known as frame-based ALF. In the latter case, additiona[......]

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