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Archives : June, 2010

Introduction to Test Model under Consideration (TMuC)

2010-06-27 H.265/HEVC 11 Comments Views(15,260)

TMuC is the initial test model of JCT-VC, but it is not formally adopted as a test model of the draft standard, as no thorough testing has been performed for such a possible combination of tools. The coding tools in TMuC will be further tested to confirm their effectiveness, before adopted in a formal test model.
TMuC provides more flexibility than H.264/AVC. The  basic coding unit, called coding tree block (CTB), which has a similar role to the macroblocks in H.264/AVC, can have variable sizes (a power of 2). The sizes of the largest and smallest CTBs are specified in the sequence parameter set (SPS). A frame is divided into non-overlapped largest CTBs (LCTB), e.g., 128×128, and then each LCTB can be further divided in a recursive tree representation.
Each CTB has its own prediction type (intra/inter) and prediction partition. The partition can be symmetric, just as in H.264/AVC, or asymmetric, e.g., 64×64 block can be partitioned into 64×16/64×48 or 16×64/48&[......]

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The First JCT-VC Meeting, Dresden, DE

2010-06-19 H.265/HEVC Post Comment Views(9,316)

During Apr. 15-23, 2010, the first meeting of JCT-VC was held in Dresden, DE. In the meeting, 27 responses to the Call for Proposal, issued in Jan. 2010, were reviewed and the associated video material was evaluated in extensive subjective tests.
Tentative Conclusions from CfP Responses Reviews
Coding tools used in respective proposals are listed in JCTVC-A203. High-level noteworthy aspects from the review of the proposals and the outcome of the subjective tests are outlined:

  • Substantial progress in coding efficiency has clearly been demonstrated, compared with H.264/AVC
  • There is no indication of a need to change the fundamental architecture of “conventional” hybrid video coding designs to achieve a substantial improvement
  • Inclusion of support of larger block sizes in a highly variable (typically tree-structured) block segmentation approach is a major common theme, although large block sizes were not found in all proposals that did well subjectively (and objectively)
  • Modif[......]

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