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Final Call for Proposals on H.NGVC/HVC Issued Jointly by VCEG and MPEG

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[Update]: A new email reflector,  jct-vc@lists.rwth-aachen.de, is created for discussions of the new team effort. For subscription, you should follow this link: http://mailman.rwth-aachen.de/mailman/listinfo/jct-vc. Only subscribers to the list will be able to send messages to this list.

During the 39th VCEG and 91st MPEG meeting held in Kyoto, Japan on January 17-22, 2010, the call for proposals (CfP) on video compression technology (H.NGVC/HVC) will be finally issued jointly by ITU-T SG16 Q.6 (VCEG) and ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11 (MPEG) on January 22, 2010. A Joint Collaborative Team (JCT) on Video Coding Standard Development will also be established accordingly between VCEG and MPEG.

Some minor modifications to draft CfP issued in November 2009 are made. The modifications involve the timeline, test conditions and test fees, etc., as follows:

  • Timeline

The timeline of the Call for Proposals is changed:

2010/01/22:                 Final Call for Proposals.
2010/01/22:                 Formal registration period opens [1].
2010/02/15:                 Formal registration period ends.
2010/02/22:                 Coded test material shall be available at the test site [2].
2010/03/02:                 Subjective assessment starts.
2010/04/12:                 Registration of documents describing the proposals with contact persons.
2010/04/13:                 Submission of documents [3].
2010/04/15:                 Cross-checking of bitstreams and binary decoders.
2010/04/16:                 Subjective test results available within standardization body.
2010/04/16-23:           Evaluation of proposals at standardization meeting [4].

Anticipated tentative timeline after CfP:

2010/04:                 Test model selection process begins
2010/10:                 Test model selected
2012/07:                 Final standard approval

  • Test Conditions

Besides Classes B/C/E, sequences of Class D will be also evaluated by means of both of formal subjective assessment and BD PSNR and rate criteria. Therefore, only sequences of Class A are evaluated based on BD PSNR and rate criteria.

  • Test Fees

Proponents will be charged a fee per submitted algorithm proposal. Such fee will be a flat charge for each proposal to cover the logistic cost (without any profit). The fee is non-refundable after the formal registration is made. The fee is 8900 CHF plus 7.6% VAT.


For full description of Call for Proposals on video compression technology (H.NGVC/HVC), please click here to download the CfP document. For the details about Term of Reference on Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding Standard Development, please click here to download the ToR document.


[1] 33 pre-registrations were received before January 22. No more registration is allowed now.

[2] People who formally registered will receive instructions regarding how to submit the coded materials. If material is received later, the proposal may be excluded from testing.

[3] Contact persons will provide information about document submissions process. Note that submitted documents will be made publicly available. Exceptions to public availability will be considered on a case by case basis upon request by the contributor.

[4] Proponents are requested to attend this standardization meeting.

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