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Delay the Submission of Responses to CfP on HVC, or not?

2009-10-26 H.265/HEVC View Comments Views(3,852)

In the beginning plenary of 90th MPEG meeting on Oct. 26, several national bodies, such as USNB, FRNB, SGNB, and CNNB, recommended to delay the submission date of responses to the Call for Proposal (CfP) on HVC from December 2009 to March 2010. The major concerns from the national bodies are:

  • the need of sufficient time to finalize the establishment of collaborative team with VCEG and only then issue a joint CfP;
  • the need of sufficient time to determine the cost of the subjective evaluation tests after the CfP is finalized;
  • the need of sufficient time to refine the CfP test conditions/materials and only then generate the proposed bitstreams;
  • the need of sufficient time to define the complexity evaluation criterion in an objective method for quantitative analysis,
  • the need of sufficient time to perform the subjective evaluation tests but currently planned in the year-end holidays period.

This recommendation aroused controversy between the delegates of national bodies and the convenor, and no conclusion was drawn at this stage.

Updated on 2009-10-30: in the ending plenary of 90th MEPG  meeting on Oct. 30, the recommendation about the delay of submission of responses to CfP is approved. The timeline of submission of responses to CfP on HVC is changed as follows:

  • 2009-10-30: Draft of CfP (non public)
  • 2009-11-05: Available of all test materials defined in CfP (all except class E are already available)
  • 2009-11-30: Available of anchors
  • 2010-01-15: Final preliminary expression of interest
  • 2010-01-22: Final call for proposal (Note: the final call may contain minor updates)
  • 2010-01-31: Deadline of pre-registration (mandatory for MPEG participants)
  • 2010-02-15: Formal registration and proof about payment of the fee
  • 2010-02-22: Coded test materials available at the test site
  • 2010-03-15: Subjective assessment starts at latest
  • 2010-04-12: Registration of documents describing the proposals with MPEG video chair
  • 2010-04-13: Submission of documents to MPEG video Chair
  • 2010-04-16: Cross-checking of bit-streams and binary decoders
  • 2010-04-17-23: Evaluation of proposals

Another issue aroused much attention is the cost of the subjective evaluation tests for submission of responses to CfP on HVC, which was preliminarily discussed in Ad-Hoc group meeting on Sunday. The fee for each proponent (or participant) depends on the total number of submissions and the fee decreases when a proponent does more than one submission (one submission means a set of test bitstreams for one class of test sequences). The following table lists the estimated cost of the subjective evaluation test:

Total Number of Submissions Number of Submissions per Proponent
1 2 3 4
<20 5k euro 9k euro 13.5k euro 17.5k euro
20-40 4k euro 7.2k euro 10.8k euro 14k euro
>40 3k euro 5.85k euro 8.4k euro 10.5k euro

Wow! It costs a fortune to submit the response to CfP on HVC!

Updated on 2009-10-30: In order to reduce the cost of the subjective evaluation tests, only classes B, C and E will be evaluated mandatorily with two constraint categories (“random access” and “low delay”) in the subjective test; classes A and D will be only evaluated by the objective test (PSNR vs. bit-rate). The fee for the whole submissions per proponent is estimated to be reduced to about 4k-5k euro with the help of the testing sites who will keep the cost as low as possible by providing their infrastructures. That sounds reasonable! Until now, about 21 companies and organizations have already expressed their interests to participate in the CfP on HVC.

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