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Future Collaboration between MPEG and VCEG

2009-07-03 H.265/HEVC View Comments Views(8,252)

As well-known, JVT (a joint video team between MPEG and VCEG) has achieved great success in the standardization of the state-of-the-art video compression, including H.264/AVC, SVC, and MVC. The academic and industry want to continue the success in the collaboration between MPEG and VCEG. Some proposals from VCEG suggest the H.NGVC (or H.265) standardization should be collaboratively done with MPEG to produce a significantly advanced video coding standard and to avoid producing multiple similar standards, which confuse the market. VCEG agrees that conducting this work jointly with MPEG will be beneficial to avoid duplication of efforts in this area. Therefore, in this MPEG London meeting, a joint meeting between MPEG and VCEG discusses the future collaboration. However, the collaboration method arouses a lot of controversy, focusing on which one of the following practical experiences should be chosen:

  • Practical experience 1: MPEG-2, a integrate part of video subgroup when under WG 11 auspices;
  • Practical experience 2: H.264/AVC (JVT), a distinct subgroup of WG11.

However, the joint meeting between MPEG and VCEG did not reach a conclusion on which one to use. The naming of output specification and collaborative team were also discussed, but no conclusion was drawn at this stage.

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