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The Preliminary Requirements for NGVC

2009-04-15 H.265/HEVC View Comments Views(6,402)

In the 37th VCEG meeting,  held in Yokohama on April 15-18, a potential “NGVC” project standing for next-generation video coding was discussed, which could mean either an extension of H.264/AVC or a new standard, depending on which form of standardization is determined to be appropriate for the technology design.

The preliminary requirements of the NGVC project focus on the following areas.

1. Coding efficiency:

  • NGVC should be capable of providing a bit rate reduction of 50% at the same subjective quality

2. Complexity:

  • NGVC should be capable of operating with a complexity ranging from 50% to 3 times H.264/AVC High Profile.
  • When operated at a complexity of 50% compared to H.264/AVC High Profile, NGVC should provide a 25% bit rate savings compared to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile at equivalent subjective quality.

3. Applications:

  • Low-delay interactive video communications
  • Surveillance
  • Streaming
  • Broadcast
  • Digital cinema and large-screen digital imagery
  • Mobile video entertainment
  • Storage-based video application (camcorders, camera phones, computer files, disc media, download-and-play, etc)

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