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Current Status of H.265 (as at July 2008)

2008-07-01 KTA 9 Comments Views(19,407)

H.265 is a long-term video coding standard, launched by VCEG. As indicated in ITU-T SG16′s homepage, VCEG plans to complete the requirement definition and begin the detailed algorithm design for H.265 in the study period 2005-2008, and if the progress in contribution technology is sufficient, H.265 is expected to be finalized in 2009-2010.
Currently, H.265 hasn’t been formalized and VCEG keeps seeking proposals and information regarding the possibility of a major gain in performance to justify the step from H.264 to H.265. Though the necessary scope of H.265 is yet to be determined, it is agreed that among the goals will be [AA01]:

  • simplicity and “back to basics” approach
  • high coding efficiency, e.g., two times compared with H.264
  • computational efficiency, considering both encoder and decoder
  • loss/error robustness
  • network friendliness
  • other considerations as necessary 

Backward/forward compatibility is not assumed to be required for H.265, as H.265 is a brand [......]

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